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Eric Zener

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Eric Zener’s work is centered around water. Figures float and swim or are submerged. Light is refracted, colors reflecting from swimming figures becoming abstract forms. We see pools with evidence of a figure – a splash, but no form.

Water communicates a nostalgia the artist feels for its place in his childhood, memories of summers; but it also holds deeper meaning to the artist, representing both physical and spiritual rebirth.

Zener’s artwork uses a process that combines layering photographs that have been printed on gold or silver leafed panels before applying layers of paint and resin. The result is a composition in which the idea of floating is not only depicted, but presented, each layer of a piece separating furth the foreground and background, allowing for a vacillation between them.

Eric Zener received a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara, CA. He has shown his work across the US including at dozens of art fairs. He has also shown his work internationally including at Casa Forestal, Sant Martí d’Empúries, Catalonia, Spain; Galleria Dieffe, Turin, Italy; Art London, London, UK; Persterer Contemporary Fine Art, Zurich, Switzerland; and Gallery Savah, Sydney, Australia. His artwork is part of collections such as those of W Hotel, New York, NY; Banana Republic, San Francisco, CA; and the Howard A. and Judith Tullman Art Collection.

Psychedelic Summer

Infrared heatwaves, cold plunges in sparkling, crystal water, and the smell of sunblock, sand, & Aperol. Palm fronds above sway gently in the breeze as you glide through the pool without a worry in the world. In the distance, children laugh and play. Friends sip on their spritzed drinks while dipping their feet in the shallow end. At the ledge of the pool, a warm, striped towel awaits you for a midday nap in the sun.
Eric Zener’s “Aqua” collection is the visual embodiment of those sweet summer memories that we carry with us throughout our lives: they’re colorful, impactful, and unforgettable. With an enviable ease, Zener captures the true warmth of the free-spirited energy of summer and excites the inner child we all know and love.

Eric Zener Collections

Birds Eye 1
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by Eric Zener