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Oditto partners with established artists to build out metaverse galleries, curate, market, tokenize, mint, and promote the sales of digital art. Oditto is the first premier full-service NFT agency that provides a seamless turnkey process for artists so that they can focus on what they enjoy most. Oditto removes the barriers of entry, and strategically maps out the needed steps to increase brand value. NFT’s revolve around a culture and a philosophy that drive the demand up yielding higher returns in perpetuity.

Celeste Jones

(Meta C Founder)

Celeste Jones is the founder of Oditto Gallery and Oditto.io, a metaverse gallery. Oditto is the first physical art gallery in the world that offers every piece of physical art with its digital authenticity, known as the NFT (non-fungible token). Oditto is featured on CBS’s “Destination Miami” as the premier gallery to visit, as well as in several media clips as the innovator for technology and art sales.

Celeste began her career as a keynote speaker and educator to family offices and wealth managers, advising them on how to capture the next generation in the face of fintech (crypto and money managing apps not requiring traditional advisors). This natural progression led to co-hosting the NFT Today show at various bitcoin conventions. Celeste seized the window of opportunity to dive into Web3 and cover a niche that had not yet been captured: fine contemporary art and their NFTs.

Realizing a need to onboard the masses, Celeste, known in the metaverse as Meta C, started her own NFT news channel on YouTube called “CelesteJonesNFTs”. Celeste continues to offer free workshops to onboard the community to NFTs, offering valuable insight as to how to determine value and effectively navigate through the blockchain. All of Oditto Gallery’s events support rotating charities, enhanced networking, insight on NFT drops and incredible, contemporary physical art. Oditto also opens their gallery to charities wanting to hold events and assists with 501c3s with raising capital.

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Kitty Grier

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