Our Road Map

Align with the artist’s style and clientele
Provide a seamless and turnkey process
Design a custom gallery in the metaverse for both physical and digital art
Author story telling to draw people in
Strategize on the drop schedule, collections, 1 of 1’s, generative pieces
Procure a generative artist if needed
Choose a cause to support brand identity
Procure incentives, exclusivity, events, tokens, utility, and perks for buying in
Keynote speaking at NFT/Bitcoin conferences
Increased revenue from NFTs
Oditto’s values giving back to the community and each NFT drop is linked to rotating charities around the world.

We give 10% back to different causes that each artist chooses based on their passions.

Distribute press releases
Increased sales in physical art
Retain Influencers in the space to help promote
SEO team to drive collectors to the site
Implement a custom map for each artist’s goals toward success social media marketing
Webinars to engage and onboard qualified candidates
PR in the conventional media space to blog
Special events and memberships to qualified prospects
Increased client base through global outreach
Overall increased revenue in perpetuity for the artist